The Black Sea Wolfdog Giny x Piďan of Marvelwood

Data di consegna: 20-11-2021
Madre: The Black Sea Wolfdog Giny
Padre: Piďan of Marvelwood
Allevatore: od Úhoště
Telefono: + 420 604506884
Sito Web:
Località: Suchý Důl 7, 43151 Klášterec nad Ohří
The Black Sea Wolfdog Giny
ED 0
DM: n/n
DW: n/n
Piďan of Marvelwood
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DM: n/n
DW: n/n

The pedigree of puppies is a very personal matter for me. That's why I chose this combination of parents. On both sides of the pedigree is again my Ali Reolup. Which is a guarantee of an exceptional exterior, a wolf-type head and a longer, colored coat. A beautiful and unforgettable Bonie Mrazivé ticho also appears twice in the pedigree. It adds a very gentle and sympathetic expression. Czambor z Vlčího dubu in the paternal line provides a large body frame, also with longer and darker hair. Quercus II od Úhoště himself gave in the first litter very beautiful puppies, which were in his type. Giny's father is Saqui des Gitans Noirs. This dog lived with me for some time, so I had plenty of time to get to know him in all aspects. Saqui is a copy of his father, my Quenno II od Úhoště. Both named are dogs of large body frame, over 70 cm, both have a longer colored coat. I expect from puppies (especially in males) a large body frame and longer coat. So something we don't get in the pedigrees of Czech stud males. Of course, there are none of the currently frequented dogs or bitches in the pedigrees. So it will again be the only pedigree that would be very useful in further breeding.

Gen. Nome Contributo Sangue % Cons % HD ED
4,5 Moki od Úhoště Moki od Úhoště0,42379% 9.375% 17,45% HD A -
4,5 Doran z Ponického dvora Doran z Ponického dvora0,44076% 9.375% 17,02% HD B -
4,5,6 Ali Reolup Ali Reolup0,44434% 10.9375% 17,11% HD A -
5,5,6,7 Bonie Mrazivé ticho Bonie Mrazivé ticho0,38047% 8.59375% 14,56% HD B -
5,6,6,6,7 Fea Jimili CS Fea Jimili CS0,29593% 8.59375% 23,91% HD A -
5,6,6,6,7 Bety Zepeř CS Bety Zepeř CS0,10853% 8.59375% 13,4% HD C -
5,6,6,6,7 Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS0,11307% 8.59375% 18,08% HD A -
5,6,6,6,7 Brit Hlas divočiny CS Brit Hlas divočiny CS0,27582% 8.59375% 15,03% HD A -
5,6,7 Atos Tinkin dvor CS Atos Tinkin dvor CS0,16251% 5.46875% 14,34% HD A -