Tovekällan's Beautiful Gale x Obsidian Malý Bysterec

Data di consegna: 08-11-2020
Madre: Tovekällan's Beautiful Gale
Padre: Obsidian Malý Bysterec
Allevatore: Jemilinari Star
Sito Web:
Tovekällan's Beautiful Gale
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DM: n/n
DW: n/DW
Obsidian Malý Bysterec
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The puppies are here. we have 2 males and 5 females :) it is a repeat litter of Litter B. we hope for more females this time;) all puppies from litter B got strong colours of carpathian wolf and Obsidian gave his long legs strong bones and paws, improved the tail. So puppies got shorter tail with lots of fur from mothers side. Jemila is my princess and can stay home alone in house. she also can run free many places. together wit Obsidian she is the super team in front of the kickbike. pups from this combination are very active and want to train, they are very intelligent too and will outsmart the owner if he is not taking care. for more info go to the facebook page Jemilinari Star FCI

Gen. Nome Contributo Sangue % Cons % HD ED
5,6 Krásna Ruskov dvor CS Krásna Ruskov dvor CS0,11145% 4.6875% 16,65% HD A -
5,6,6,7,7,7 Omar z Krotkovského dvora CS Omar z Krotkovského dvora CS0,25438% 8.59375% 31,05% HD B -
5,6,7,7,7 Astor Mot'ovský dvor CS Astor Mot'ovský dvor CS0,1018% 7.03125% 4,64% - -
5,7,7,7 Asta Šinárikov dvor CS Asta Šinárikov dvor CS0,10635% 5.46875% 10,28% - -