Dobrica vom Dreiburgenblick x Leszy II z Peronówki

Datum odbětu: 12-02-2019
Matka: Dobrica vom Dreiburgenblick
Otec: Leszy II z Peronówki
Telefon: 16095496534
Dobrica vom Dreiburgenblick
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Leszy II z Peronówki
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Shortly before Christmas, our multi-champion bitch Dobrica is expecting her second litter. In the ultrasound 8 puppies were counted. We look forward to active people who like to spend a lot of time with their dogs. Whether hiking, dog sports or exhibiting ... Mama Dobrica has a strong and secure character and is not afraid of anything. She captivates with her penetrating look and yet radiates enormous calmness and is by no means turned on. She has proved her good and confident nature in many trials. Among other things, she has several times completed the companion dog test, recently passed the BGH1 and was multiple Cup winner and national champion in tournament dog sport. She has also demonstrated endurance and willpower in the 40 & 70-kilometer test. She has champion titles in several European countries (including Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Hungary), is a two-time international champion and as far as exhibitions are concerned, the most successful TWH in Germany. Papa Sombra (Leszy II z Peronowki) is a nice and sociable male who shows no aggression. He lives together with many other animals freely on a large yard. Among other things, he has convinced us by his great character and his advantages in optics & pedigree. He completed the compnion dog test and Bonitation with P1. The puppies grow up in our house and garden and have constant family access. Here they will learn everything that daily life offers and receive a comprehensive socialization program. Loud noises, cars, other dogs from big to small, children, many people as well as city and country ... they will all be used to it. The puppies will be free of degenerative myelopathy and pituitary dwarfism. Our puppies from the A-litter are now almost 2 years old and prove in everyday life, in dog sports and at dog shows their good and secure nature and convince with their look and friendliness. Even now we are in contact with our puppy buyers and are on hand with help and advice. We also wish our future puppy buyers that contact is maintained and we get a photo from time to time. Our puppies are vaccinated at delivery, dewormed multiple times, receive a health certificate and VDH / FCI papers. In addition, a comprehensive puppy package with an information folder around parents, rearing and health. The puppies are quite suitable for dog sports - but this is not a must! You are also satisfied with other activities. If you are interested in a puppy from this mating please contact us. More information and photos of the A-litter and rearing can be found at or at

Gen. Jméno Chovatelská stanice Krev % Pokrevní příb. % HD ED
4,6 Agar Reolup Agar Reolup0,22217% 7.8125% 17,11% HD A -
4,7 Athos Chocholan Athos Chocholan0,11536% 7.03125% 19,29% - -
5,6,7 Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS0,11307% 5.46875% 18,08% HD A -
5,6,7 Bety Zepeř CS Bety Zepeř CS0,10853% 5.46875% 13,4% HD C -
5,6,7,7 Binc Pohostinstvo CS Binc Pohostinstvo CS0,04916% 6.25% 0,73% - -
5,7,7,7,7 Astor Mot'ovský dvor CS Astor Mot'ovský dvor CS0,15271% 6.25% 4,64% - -