Thea Tara spod Ďumbiera x Juri Oskár Dór

Data di consegna: 17-03-2018
Madre: Thea Tara spod Ďumbiera
Padre: Juri Oskár Dór
Sito Web:
Località: SLOVAKIA, Skalica
Thea Tara spod Ďumbiera
DM: n/n
DW: n/n
Juri Oskár Dór
ED 0
DM: n/n
DW: n/n

We accept reservations for two male puppies who are looking for loving home from connection Thea Tara spod Ďumbiera and Juri Oskár Dór. Both parents have exceptional character traits, they are very social and raised in family households with kids. Juri is one of the most demanded stud dog recently. Thea Tara is 2 years old and this is her first litter of four puppies: 1 female and 3 male dogs. Puppies are vital, social and very comfortable in human company and crave love and attention. They are held indoors and are constantly in contact with both adults and kids alike. Puppies were born on 24.1.2018, they will be ready for new homes from end of week 11/2018, Slovakia. Puppies will be vaccinated, microchiped and will have all documents including ancestory line. Contact:, 00421 948 948 021,

Gen. Nome Contributo Sangue % Cons % HD ED
4,4 Hero z Rofa Hero z Rofa0,91169% 12.5% 20,48% HD A -
4,5 Jolly z Molu Es Jolly z Molu Es0,43175% 9.375% 16,29% HD A ED 0
4,5,5 Elba z Rofa Elba z Rofa0,48225% 12.5% 25,96% - -
4,5,5 Tambury z Rosíkova Tambury z Rosíkova0,44211% 12.5% 14,97% HD A -
5,5,6,6 Milo Ruskov dvor CS Milo Ruskov dvor CS0,22199% 9.375% 16,59% HD A -
5,6,7 Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS0,11307% 5.46875% 18,08% HD A -