2° Monographic of Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - CLC-Italia - WGI Project - Nutrigene 23 and 24 September

Meeting and Amateur Special Show

2° Monographic of Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - CLC-Italia - WGI Project - Nutrigene 23 and 24 September

Dear Lovers of the CLC, we are now three months to attend the 2nd edition of Monografica, organized by CLC-Italy, WGI Project with our well-established sponsor and scientific partner Nutrigene, spin off of the University of Udine. As we announced earlier, this year we decided to double, so to perform the event in two days. On Saturday, September 23, there will be a dissemination meeting and on Sunday 24 September the Amateur Special Show.

The event will take place in Baone (PD), with the patronage of the Commune. The exhibition will take place in the central square of the village, all surrounded by green area and trees, with a water fountain and a bar stand integrated into the park and two excellent restaurants overlook the square and a large exclusive car park for the participants  at 50 m.

Walking from the square, there are numerous trails and itineraries that go in the woods of the Euganean hills.

The Saturday Session will focus on a comparison between the CLC and its wild progenitor, mainly from a genetic point of view. We will know the uniqueness of Canis Lupus Italicus, whose habitat is increasingly expanding to places frequented by humans and our CZW. The results of genetic studies conducted on our breed will be presented with the utmost simplicity.

Among our speakers will be Romolo Caniglia (Phd ISPRA), Marco Galaverni (Phd WWF), Milena Smetanova (Phd University of Prague), three international level genetics experts with a wealth of scientific publications on wolf as well as among the few To have studied, publishing the results, on genetic of CZW.

The Amateur Special Show will see a truly special jury in which we wanted to concentrate on a level of superlative practical experience. To achieve this goal we contacted three breeders, whose kennel name appear in the pedigrees of almost all of our dogs and whose experience has attracted the last 30 years of the breed. This is to give added value to the good race of competition, the value of the knowledge of undisciplined experts and breed lovers.

Males will be judged by:                 Peter Krotkovky, kennel Krotkovského dvora (SK), active between 1985 and 2002The females will be judged by:       Michael Eichorn, kennel to Zlata Palz (DE), active since 2000
The sparring will be judged by:      Milan Budaj, kennel Spod Dumbiera (SK), active since 2001

For now it's all, soon hotel and pratic information. From the middle of July you will be able to join this fantastic event!

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