CLC-Italia Studs 2.0

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CLC-Italia Studs 2.0

Dear Friends,

We finally present you the final version of the CLC-Italia studs section, redesigned from a structural point of view to make the navigation of the content easy and intuitive. A grid of interactive buttons is always present at the top of the page; these allow you to move from one page to another with a single click.



The first button "IT" is the page that opens by default when you access the studs list. In this list you will find the active Studs resident in Italy that meet the requirements. The line of every dog ??is composed, from the left, by: name of the founder of the sir line, preview photos, name of the stallion, health data (HD, ED, DM, Selection) and FB contact. On the top of the list you will find the section to apply selection filters to your search, according to the parameters of health and bloodline.



The button "W" opens the list of studs living outside Italy. For these stallions it is not required the ED exam because many foreignclubs do not require it.




The third button "PRL" opens the list of most prolific studs of the population of CZW with less than 10 years. The list is generatedaccording to the number of children and all the dogs with more than 40 puppies are displayed. This list shows what are the most used dogs in recent years.




The fourth, "PR" button, opens the list of the most prolific studs, of all time, the entire population of the CZW.



The following buttons, the fifth and sixth, show the same data for the previous, only factored in Italian population with "PrI" and non italian with "PrW"






The button MP opens the new section with the map of the sir lineages of blood lines of breed (in relation to stallions withrequirements)For each lineage it is detected one or more Stud dog who may be considered the most important founder for thecontribution and peculiarities of characters transmitted to the offspring. These individuals can be identified by the yellow boxes, on which you can click and see which stallions descendants of that ancestor are present on CLC-Italia. Using the cursor and zoom, you can follow all lineages from the three founders male of the modern breed, easily identifiable, at the top of the chart with red boxes. The map display and navigation with the zoom are provisional, in the coming weeks we will post an update with an optimization.



VS is the key tool for comparing two stallions, either past or present, according to several parameters, including the resultS achieved, the health testing of stallions themselves and the progeny, as well as indexes




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